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How can there be evil if God is merciful?

As soon as one disentangles “harm” from “evil” the dilemma falls apart… Harm is a subjective experience of an event. For instance: the traces left in space from a dying star might be beautiful in the eyes of one beholder… But on the other end it might be the last hour of a civilisation unknown Read More

Does secularism truly foster equality?

After the end of the second world war there was an increasing distaste for ideology. Meanwhile the world-economy had entered a new era of industrial growth and the standard of living quickly improved among the previously war-stricken countries. As the two developments coincided it became gradually assumed that secular nation states were the most appropriate Read More

Sjalen skyddar mot otrohet men inte mot våldtäkt

Som jag förstår sjalen handlar det inte om att ”skydda kvinnan” på så vis att kvinnor utan sjal skulle skuldbeläggas mer än kvinnor med sjal om någon illvillig person skulle få för sig att göra de illa. Under inga omständigheter har man rätt att med våld ta för sig av en annan människa för att Read More

On which theatre should you perform and excel?

We are living in an era where “self-maximization” is the norm. It isn’t enough to be a good pupil, there is still another batch of people who would hold you in regard if only you were better at sports. You might be a good parent but you may be seen as less enlightened than a Read More

What is it that counts?

Why do you carry the dreams you do? Why do you want to change the world for the better? What is it about a world that you ultimately will leave behind you that has you making the sacrifices you do for the sake of its betterment? These questions are ones that I have been juggling Read More